Association „Papardes zieds”

Organization „Papardes zieds” (Latvia`s Family Planning and Sexual Health association) is volunteer organization and democratic public benefit organization that was founded in 1994. “Papardes zieds” is one of the biggest non-governmental organizations in Latvia, which for many years now successfully works on reproductive health and rights issues in whole Latvia. Since 2000 “Papardes zieds” is a member of IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation).


Mission of “Papardes zieds” is to make sure that each person’s sexual and reproductive rights are carried out in a way that every person has access to quality services and their choice was made based on quality information.

Principles and values

Basic principles and values of “Papardes zieds” that in all the levels of the organization conditions its works and development are:

  • health – considering that sexual and reproductive health is an important part of each individual’s physical, mental and social well-being;
  • diversity – respecting all not regarding their age, gender, status, identity, sexual orientation etc.;
  • inclusion – supporting sexual rights of the most unprotected groups, working to make sure each individual gets their rights of respect, high quality services and freedom of choice about their body and sexual life;
  • passion – everyone (staff, members, council, volunteers) understands the goals of the organization and with passion works for it;
  • volunteering – one of the basic values that ensures the existence of the organization and its way towards mission.


“Papardes zieds” each year realizes 10 to 15 projects in cooperation with the institutions of Latvia, Europe, international organizations and private companies. Organization provides educational events to both youth and their parents, also to professionals in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights as well as involves in defending these issues locally and internationally.

International Planned Parenthood Federation

Organization “Papardes zieds” is one of 150 member organizations of IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation). IPPF provides services in the whole world and is a leader in defending interest of all in sexual and reproductive health and rights.