Sex for the first time in your life or for the first time with a new partner can be a wonderful experience. But only when you’re ready for it – both physically and emotionally.

Answer to the following questions honestly as it will help you understand how wide is your knowledge about sexuality.

  • What do you know about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)?
  • What do you know about pregnancy?
  • Do you know how to lower the possibility of unwanted pregnancy and the risk of being infected with an STD?
  • Do you and your partner openly talk about sex, contraception and STDs?
  • How does sex fit into your personal values?
  • How does it fit into your family’s, cultural and religious values?
  • Do you trust your partner? Do you respect him/her?
  • Does your partner trust you? Does he/she respect you?
  • Do you or your partner feel the pressure to have sex? If yes, why?
  • What will you and your partner do in case your relationship ends with pregnancy or STD?
  • Do you know how your partner wants to be touched? What does your partner like/dislike? What does your partner expect from sex?
  • How well does your partner know how you want to be touched/what you like or dislike? Does your partner know what you expect from sex?

If you don’t know how to avoid pregnancy and STDs, you’re not ready for sex.

If you can’t talk about pregnancy, contraception or STDs with your partner, you’re probably not ready for sex.

If you or your partner don’t feel safe, you’re both not ready for sex.

If you and your partner don’t respect each other and don’t trust each other, you’re not ready for sex.

It is totally ok to wait till you feel ready to have sex. It is our right to choose when it’s the right time. You must not feel guilty about your decision. It’s possible that you’re not ready emotionally, maybe it doesn’t go together with your religious or cultural values. Maybe you have to talk to your partner or maybe you have to get more information about pregnancy, STDs and contraception. It doesn’t matter what you’re not sure about exactly – as long as there’s something you’re not sure about you should solve it before making a decision.