Although this term might sound a bit misleading, your sexual orientation simply shows what you feel emotionally towards opposite or same sex people.

People can be very different:

  • There are people who are heterosexual, it means that they are attracted to people of opposite gender. That’s the most common sexual orientation.
  • There are homosexual people – they are attracted to people of same gender.
  • And there are also bisexual people who are attracted to people of both genders.

Some people quickly realise that they’re homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual. But some can get confused, they don’t understand who they are, it may take years till a person is sure of his/her sexual orientation. Your sexual orientation will be created throughout years and it will evolve naturally.

It’s important to explore and to go through your sexual feelings without any prejudices. If you turn out to be homosexual or bisexual, you will most probably encounter unusual situations, but you can always find support. If you’re honest towards others, you’ll see that people respect who you are and who you are not.