Teenagers are exposed to this topic through their friends, the internet, gaming, magazines, music videos and TV, often getting inappropriate and misleading information. Talking with teenagers and educating then about relationships and sexual wellbeing can help them:

  • Develop communication skills to help them build strong relationships in which they feel comfortable.
  • Explore their own feelings and emotions as part of developing relationships and learn to respect others.
  • Delay having sex until they are ready.
  • Resist pressure from other teenagers and the media to have sex.
  • Develop the confidence and knowledge to make positive choices about sex, including the choice not to have sex.
  • Negotiate with their partner what they do, and do not, feel comfortable with.
  • Agree to have safer sex with their partner if they do decide to have sex.

As teenagers discuss relationships and sex with their friends, the information they get may not be correct. By talking to your teenager about these issues yourself, you can be sure that they get the information that you think is important – and that you know is correct.