It is very much possible that you’ve encountered some pressure in losing your virginity, meaning – to have sex for the first time in your life.

Sex with someone just because you want to lose virginity or just because you think that all of your friends are already doing it, may be a decision to regret later in life. There’s no such a thing as age when you have to lose your virginity. Losing it is a very personal decision, you have the rights to do it when and only when you feel like it’s the right moment.

The same thing goes for how often you should have sex or how many partners in your life you need to have. There are people who are more sexual so they might want to have sex more often and with several partners during their life.

The main question is whether or not you yourself are freely choosing when, where and with whom you want to have sex and if you are doing it safely. Only in that way you can avoid unwanted pregnancy and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

If you’re not sure that you’re ready, then it’s worth to think about these three questions before starting sexual relationship:

Do I want it?

Do I want to lose virginity because it’s me who wants it or my partner? Or maybe because of my friends who have done it already, making me feel bad about  myself, feel left outside because I haven’t  had sex yet?

Is my partner the right one for that?

Is the person I want to lose virginity is suited for that? Will my partner realise how important it is for me, will he/she make me feel good, take care of me? Am I able to talk about it with this person? And if and how our relationship will change after having sex? Do I really trust this person?

Am I ready to solve any problems that might come up?

None of the contraception methods is fully safe (except for not having sex at all). Sometimes, even if you’re being safe and do everything correctly, something might still go wrong. Will I and my partner be able to deal with these problems? For example, pregnancy, possible pregnancy, symptoms of a STD, or anything else?

If the answer to even just one of these questions is no, then you most probably aren’t ready for sex yet. Keep learning, create trustworthy relationship, have good time doing sports, dancing, reading books, hiking and doing lots of other things as sex is an important nut not the most important part of your life.